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Hi there! I'm Boris Chantel, a UI/UX Designer based in Atlanta Georgia. I am currently the Lead Designer on GPC’s Customer Experience team.

Prior to taking on my role at GPC, I most recently served as the Visual Designer at The Salvation Army. I have worked on several brands such as NAPA Auto Parts, EIS, GPC Global Sourcing. I also co-founded Nuvelio Naturals, a CBD extract company in 2017. View my LinkedIn profile to learn more. Scroll on to see my work.

Unfortunately due to business sensitivity of some of my work I can not publicly show it here. Don't fret, you can always contact me if you would like to see more of my work.

Design System Homepage
GPC Design System | Lead Visual Designer + Design Committee Co-founder

One of my favorite projects I have worked on is a corporate design system. A design system that would stretch across many different platforms and multiple sub brands. This project started out of necessity of what we needed as designers. With a little bit of convincing and time we were able to get leadership on board and start on GPC's first ever true steps towards digital cohesion and standardization.

I lead the design creation of the Genuine Parts Company Design System at GPC to improve our product design process, manifest our design principles, and provide our customers with a usable, accessible, beautiful software that personifies their service to the public.

Buy Online Pickup In Store
NAPA Online Checkout | Lead Visual Designer + UX Designer

NAPA Online's checkout process is one that I visited many times. It has gone through many different iterations each with different questions to answer. Thats what I love about design. There is no perfect design. You can always iterate.

The first time I visited NAPA Online's checkout process we didn't even have the option for a user to checkout as a guest. Implementing this was our first task. It wasn't long before talks of integrating NAPA Rewards into the checkout became next job in the queue. This required a complete redesign of NAPA Online Checkout. We then integrated Buy online pickup in store functionality to the site. Of course we revisted checkout again. Many iterations happened, but I think it is currently on the best one.

GS Homepage Design
Global Sourcing Website Design | Lead Visual Designer

Starting in Mid 2016, I came onto the Customer Experience UI/UX Design team for the GPC brand. A fortune 200 that has made a mark in the Aftermarket Industrial and Automotive industry for 90 years.

I started at GPC 3 years after the Digital department was built. My first website overhaul was GPC Global Sourcing. Located in Shenzhen and Shanghai, China, GPC Global Sourcing is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Genuine Parts Company (GPC), and functions as the official worldwide sourcing office for all divisions within the GPC organization.

Salvation Army Design

Trade South Website Design | Lead Visual Designer + UX Designer

My introduction into Corporate America came in mid 2014. I served as the Visual Designer for the Salvation Army Southern Territory headquarters

Trade South is a department within The Salvation Army that supplies products to members of The Salvation Army in the Southern Territory of the United States. A new website was sought that would sport a clean and simple User Interface. They also wanted a website that was able to grow with the company as it added new products and purchasing capabilities.

NAPA Brakes Design
NAPA Brakes Website | Lead Visual Designer

NAPA Auto Parts is a company I have done much work for over the year. I was tasked with concepting and designing a new NAPA Brakes website.

NAPA has many different groups within the organization. These organizations sometimes operate independently from other groups under the NAPA brand. This can also mean the digital presence of these groups can be very similar and sometimes different.

Weather Tech Design
Weather Tech Aplus Content | Lead Visual Designer

NAPA has close relationships with many of its vendors. WeatherTech is one of those vendors that has a close relationship with NAPA. WeatherTech is an account I have enjoyed working on many times.

The goal here was to integrate A+ content into for WeatherTech. NAPAonline supplies a lot of products from many different brands. WeatherTech wanted something to make them stand out from the competition.

Galaxy Design
NAPA Galaxy Promotion | Lead Visual Designer

I got the Opportunity to work on an Ad campaign for NAPA. Something simple that would catch the eyes of viewers. The client said they wanted it to "Pop" lol.

This was a pretty fun project to work on. The deadline was short, however it is often times a bit more fun when you add more pressure to your delivery.

EIS Homepage Design
EIS Website Design | Lead Visual Designer

EIS is one of the major subsidiaries of the GPC brand. They are a major player in the Electrical and cable industry. One of the first projects I worked on for this organization was their eccomerce site redesign.

The goal of this project was simple. Build it to be fast and user friendly. EIS didn't have much a digital presence on the retail side and were looking to really open their business up through eccomerce.

Wordpress Template Design
Wordpress Template Design | Lead Visual Designer

Wordpress was the first cms that I and many other creatives started out with. It didn't take long before I started designing themes and websites for others.

The goal of most themes I worked on for the wordpress platform were for other creatives and technologists. The goal was always to create something that was minimal but modern.