Borischantel Logo


"White Dress" is an illustration that I did using Adobe Photoshop. This illustration was painted completely from scratch for a fashion advertisement. I have always had a passion for fine art, so it was exciting to get the chance to use the skills I have with traditional mediums in a digital space.

Poster Design

There are not many things in life better than Music & Arts. It is no secret to many that I have an illustrative side. I wanted to showcase those emotions here. I went a watercolor effect for the background. Watercolor is something that in the beginning was a real challenge for me. Its a medium that can't be controlled and just has to flow much like a dancer would.

Poster Design

I have always been drawn to old skool poster advertisements in stores. I have always enjoyed when those projects come across. I see it has a time where a designer can explore their inner realm and create what would grab their own attention. I have always found softness and elegance to be a good selling point for many products.

Bussiness Card

When working at The Salvation Army I got the opportunity to solve an age old business card problem. The clients wanted a new business card design that could show a little bit more information about themselves but not feel to cramped or overwhelming. I decided to go with something double the height and scored down the middle on a nice canvas textured stock.


The Station Pro was one of the first big pushes for The Salvation Army to allow different ways for people to donate money to the organization. Many were hesitant about this at first. We had to come up with a way to break out the important information so that a potential purchaser would not feel their investment was in vain.


One thing that really gets me going is the opportunity to work on a photo-maniupation. "Tilt" was a great opportunity for me to try out a couple new techniques in photoshop. Its always enjoyable to work a design where your color pallete is not limited.


The horror of human trafficking is real. Unfortunately the national awareness about this global problem is not where it need to be. The Salvation Army makes great efforts to combat this issue.

Logo Design

I have always felt that branding is best if you have that "Ahaaa" moment. I love when a logo mark can place emphasis on a brand if you just say the name.

Conference Branding

Creating the deliverables for the "Beyond All Limits" conference was a fun time. It gave me the opportunity to try this new oragami style that I had stewing in my brain for weeks, but never had a design to make space for it on.

Logo Design

"A clothing boutique" Lets see if you can find the cleverness in this one.